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Hamburger's Master Plan

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Happy HamburgerClock Day! This is a movie written by everybody's favorite clock, Billiardball10!!!

Here's the full script, enjoy!

after hamburger-clock, does his work at the cc-office, he realises he will never be elected a mayor again, and is de-modded. angry at this, he decides to re-built clock-topia, but first: he must destroy it.
bb10 tries to stop him, but hamburger convinces him that's a great plan, since the new city will be epic.
all goes well for them as they destroy the city, until patriot clock gives a fiery speech, and tells them they should stop, and that they can be ministers of demolition, and they can talk with orange clock and have a party, if they stop.

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really great adaptaion of burger of destruction..

it was TRULY, a great adaptaion of the book, ''burger of destruction'', the short-story written by billiard-ballus, clock, a famous author for 10 years, and how you implemented this on to the movie.

the movie was great, and not because i was in it.
tho, it was too short, and in the opening credits, you should add my pixellated self, done by satellite. it would add so much to the epic-ness of the movie.

anyhow, the movie was fun, and enjoyable,a nd had good graphics(loved the photo of the NEW burger-clock, the ONE in the office...)
still, i think in the ending you should show them re-building clocktopia, and be cool, with hats and stuff.


joking aside, i really liked this, and i hope we will do more stuff in the future, thanks man.

PatriotClock responds:

i love you


I had high hopes with the intro. The animation was fluid, and the music was great. But for whole flash, I didn't like it as much. In general the graphics weren't too bad, but it got worse. Like when HamburgerClock showed a tear. It seemed that you wanted to submit it too early. Take your time the next time.

I understand that clock flashes aren't really about the graphics, so here are some other things. The story was quite good. Not too great, but good for a flash.
The voices were clear, better than other movies of these sorts. There was no confusion about anything, and the end was fitting for a flash like this.
I didn't like the humour though. But I guess that's just me.

The flash wasn't too bad in general, but if you had spent a bit more time on it, I'm sure it would've been better.

Interesting story

Ah good old Zelda: Ocarina Of Time music... I really liked how the intro was organized, and the fluid animations here really led me to believe that this might be a gem. Unfortunately it seems like things got a bit slopy after this point.

The vocal work was pretty well done in this flash, and being able to hear everything a bit better was a plus.

Things to take a second look at:
- The story/ animation seemed to take a cliffdive after the CC office scene; maybe put a bit more into these parts?
- The city destruction scene was pretty bland, and poorly done. (I'm all for crude animation adding to the humor of a submission, but this was just plain lazy)

Overall not bad, but could use some work.

-Review Request Club-

Patriot to the rescue

Well this seemed rather simple in a way but had a pretty strong story to it I think. The tone seems to be rather dramatic as well since Hamburger Clock seemed rather sad to be demodded so BillardBall10Clock came along and at first asked him not to but after he was told "it's a great plan" he works with him to destroy the city.

PatriotClock comes along with a peace offering which quickly gets them to stop thankfully. While they think it over for a minute and then do a rave dance afterwards. Just a few pictures but the voices and dialogue give a strong sense of the story coming along.

Overall, humorous yet strange to me. Probably the only bad part in my opinion was the dancing at the end of this piece being a loop. I also kept feeling like the text was slowly getting smaller over and over again too, trippy much? Nice story.

Review Request Club

Where's the Hamburglar when you need him?

Seriously, the Hamburglar would be the only one (well, besides PatriotClock) who could stop a HamburgerClock on the loose.

The voices in this flash are a lot better to understand than in the other flash I reviewed, so that's a good thing. I also liked that all three of the characters had different voices, this makes it much easier to distinguish who said what.

I think the destruction of Clocktopia could've been worked out a bit better. Just showing a still image of some city and then letting Billardball10 roll over it was a bit lame.

{ Review Request Club }