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Reviews for "Hamburger's Master Plan"


Again, this could have been made better by the application of subtitles.

I think that the plot exposition of this piece is a little weak. There are areas where additional asides could be used, more gratuitous violence, before PatriotClock gets in there and puts a stop to all of the fun and games going on , with the wanton destruction of Clocktopia. People could be fleeing for their lives at the very wrath of BiliardBall10Clock, at his master and former mayor's instruction.

There is a good deal of a skeleton here, as far as the plot is concerned, though I'd encourage you to add more to it. Why was HamburgerClock sacked from being mayor? Granted, this is Clocktopia and you wouldn't need that much of an excuse, if you wanted to remove him, but that's just one idea of how to flesh it out.

The dancing at the end was annoying, so I guess you did that right, knowing you guys. Perhaps if the plot were better, this sort of thing would be more tolerable? I'd personally like to see more in the way of drawing style, rather than just cut outs and photoshop style imagery, but hey, everyone's a critic.

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Actually kind of funny.

I'm not goint to lie, alot (most) clock crew movies don't really make me laugh at all, but I caught myself chuckle at this once or twice.

Even though there wasn't much actual animation, there were a few moments that had some fluid animation. I appreciated those moments, as they really stood out in a good way.

The intro was a little funny at first and then the song you used there made it great (20% cooler perhaps?) The song at the end was kind of ear rape-ish though.

All in all, not a terrible clock flash and I really liked the voice for bb10.

<Review Request Club>

This is amazing

so damn amazing! BB10 + Patriot for life. Also thx again for using my music :-)


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