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Reviews for "Hamburger's Master Plan"


departs from all known storytelling conventions

This is amazing

so damn amazing! BB10 + Patriot for life. Also thx again for using my music :-)

Actually kind of funny.

I'm not goint to lie, alot (most) clock crew movies don't really make me laugh at all, but I caught myself chuckle at this once or twice.

Even though there wasn't much actual animation, there were a few moments that had some fluid animation. I appreciated those moments, as they really stood out in a good way.

The intro was a little funny at first and then the song you used there made it great (20% cooler perhaps?) The song at the end was kind of ear rape-ish though.

All in all, not a terrible clock flash and I really liked the voice for bb10.

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really great adaptaion of burger of destruction..

it was TRULY, a great adaptaion of the book, ''burger of destruction'', the short-story written by billiard-ballus, clock, a famous author for 10 years, and how you implemented this on to the movie.

the movie was great, and not because i was in it.
tho, it was too short, and in the opening credits, you should add my pixellated self, done by satellite. it would add so much to the epic-ness of the movie.

anyhow, the movie was fun, and enjoyable,a nd had good graphics(loved the photo of the NEW burger-clock, the ONE in the office...)
still, i think in the ending you should show them re-building clocktopia, and be cool, with hats and stuff.


joking aside, i really liked this, and i hope we will do more stuff in the future, thanks man.

PatriotClock responds:

i love you

Patriot to the rescue

Well this seemed rather simple in a way but had a pretty strong story to it I think. The tone seems to be rather dramatic as well since Hamburger Clock seemed rather sad to be demodded so BillardBall10Clock came along and at first asked him not to but after he was told "it's a great plan" he works with him to destroy the city.

PatriotClock comes along with a peace offering which quickly gets them to stop thankfully. While they think it over for a minute and then do a rave dance afterwards. Just a few pictures but the voices and dialogue give a strong sense of the story coming along.

Overall, humorous yet strange to me. Probably the only bad part in my opinion was the dancing at the end of this piece being a loop. I also kept feeling like the text was slowly getting smaller over and over again too, trippy much? Nice story.

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