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Well finally after 1 year of working on this, im finally able to share to newgrounds my latest and currently best creation.

this will not be possible without the help of tomfulp, because at first the filesize of the swf was 46mb, and tom was kind enough to optimize and reduce the size of my file, he was doing a job i was supposed to be doing, and he helped me change the audio of my work to avoid copyright issues. So Thank you Tom Fulp! Long live you and Newgrounds :D

anyways. I also wanna thank my family, my friends and my girlfriend for supporting me with this.

And lastly i dedicate this work to my grandmother who is fighting cancer. Beat that cancer's ass grandma!

anyways.. i hope you enjoy the product of my blood sweat and tears.. without further adue, Demigods ladies and gentlemen. :D

also theres a secret charcter in the intro. if you found him then your freaking awesome

Dang son! Front page!! well this is my first time so forgive me for my joy. Im very happy for the fp i feel like my year of work finally paid off.

all i can say is thank you to the people who is watching my animations, to you guys who are supporting me. Most of all thank you Tom Fulp for helping me out with this. I wouldnt be able to share my work to people. if it wasnt for you

Also thanks for the comments guys :D



Tom and Jerry on steroids

How this has the high rating it does, and it being featured, is beyond me.

The animation and voice acting quality that of the early flash submissions on this website. I'm talking, the year 2002. Gratuitous violence? Vintage 2k2 Newgrounds.

As far as the story goes, what can I say? It's a music video with random fighting and no dialouge. It's Tom and Jerry on steroids without the good animation and meaning.

javarush214 responds:

haha, alright. thank you for your comment. but as for my reply may i ask. can you come up with anything like this? put your money where your mouth is.

Completely Unoriginal

It's the story of Greek Mythology God (Cronos) killing his children upon a prophecy, some survive and come back to kill the father and take over.

You just swapped out Kronos for Poseidon and Zeus with a random anime character...

Plus awkward music, iffy animation, and unifitting voiceovers.

javarush214 responds:

tbh i really never knew about the story of chronos about that prophecy thing before. i only found out when i finished the story already..

anyways your entitled to your opinion. but still its kind of shallow.

Lack of criativity

I doubt it was ALL coincidence, I mean, did you ever play God of War? The history is the same between Kronos and Zeus, the look of the transformed God Father was exactly the same as Poseidon on GOW 3, even the hero's moves were alike Krato's.

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Sep 26, 2011
1:52 PM EDT