Reviews for "Demigods"


Also it was so damn awesome... i love your drawing style!!

Pretty cool

The guy under me sounds like a bit of a douche... just sayin. >> I really find nothing wrong with how its all put together. It's really cool and different. The animation was a little iffy in some parts, but all together was great fun to watch. The music fit well also. If I could just make 2 suggestions to make this the perfect battle flash, I'd only ask the detailing and movement be a little better and the vid be a little longer for the main battle.
All and all, this was a very great flash ^^ Great job and keep it up!

I'm Sorry?

Animation's good save for a few sequences which were wonky, music is alright I guess. What doesn't make sense is that it's clear that your using Greek Gods as the premise, not to say your ripping off Percy Jackson (Because When gods and goddesses have children they aren't demigods, they are Gods), but it just feels wierd when you use greek fashion yet just say The God King instead of Zeus (who doesn't have a trident). I guess that's your excuse to have the king of the gods have a trident? I mean, it is quite clear that that's what your doing, but when you hide it, it just doesn't feel right. But it's a decent animation and I saw what work you did on it.

Amazing work.

Simply incredible. Definitely deserving of its place on the front page.
I hope your grandmother gets better soon!
Great work!
10/10 5/5

~Seo (my actual screen name)


I loved it!

It's like a anime version of God of War!!

A year worth of work... Rest well knowing you did one hell of a job.