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if you could kinda get to the greek storyline a lil' you mite get a 9 from me, first off, yes the land started with gods, but they were all inside gaia (Earth) and the person who locked them there was gaias husband and the gods father, Uranus, Gaia let out the youngest son, Cronus, Cronus was then god-king, but he didn't let out the others...in fact when he married his wife, Rita, he ate his children whole to make sure they couldn't overpower him/overthrow him, then Rita hid her 5th baby and gave Cronus a rock in baby cloth and he gulped it down,the babies name was Zues, Zues grew up and overpowered the king, forced him to spit out the children (now grown up) and forced him to do just that, Zeus ruled and his 2 most powerful brothers got to have the big places, Zeus and Poseidon tricked Hadies into taking underworld,when they were deciding over who got what now, Poseidon insisted since Zeus had freed him, that Zeus should get overworld, or mount Olympus, some just call it heaven. and i see how the god-king you have here could possibly be Cronus, but he didn't kill his siblings, Nor did he control creatures or have about...what 35 children? so yeah, +demigods means a minor god or an offspring between god and mortal, but it's a good animation, a downward force would make objects go faster, try to decrease the shake you gave the spears when they're thrown

javarush214 responds:

thank you for the greek mythology story. makes you look smart now dont you? :)

but the thing is you have to know first that nobody said the story was about zeus poseidon or any deity or gods you have mentioned, i have never claimed my characters to be greek gods, they are simply called gods and deities. so yeah you look cool bro.

To the comment under me

No one said it was Poseidon even though he wields a trident and fights with sea monsters. All he said was god king. And very nice work I liked it very much.


Why is the god king posidon? Zues is the godking...

javarush214 responds:

lol you cant even spell zeus hahaha

Quite Excellent

9.5 out of 10 stars. Very nice flash, I could tell that you put a lot of work in this. Its been some time since I gave out a rating this high, well done. I look forward to seeing more works from you in the future.

Epic awesomeness of Badass!

Simply perfect. Nuff said.