Reviews for "Demigods"

lol i found the secret character

its a castle crasher, also great movie, the music fits very good and loved all the character details, expecially the faces

Seriously awesome work.

My grandma almost died, and i know how much it sucks best of luck to yours.

I hope to see more of your work in the future your talent in animation is unique something newgrounds needs.

It's a masterpiece. Enjoy my "report"! :D

Definetly worth your time! Great animation, very well directed and the music amplified the feeling of power. I liked the fact that the father got what was coming to him in the end. It would have been cliche if he did not, in my opinion. The fact that the son finished the job showed his strength of character and made the story more realistic. After all, what would be the character's reason to forgive in this situation? (Sorry to the other reviewers if you think I'm being cruel here but it's true and I know many of you must be sick of seeing cheesy moments of forgiveness from warrior characters)
I too thought that Godking resembled Zeus. But I believe that is owing to the strong influence of the iconic Zeus character. After all, we have seen dozens of Zeus-type characters in animations, films and stories but we can't say that any of them with a beard is a Zeus rip-off. Haha ! I think that if you went back and checked again, you'd realise there are some differences between Godking (yes, the name could have been a bit better...).
Once again, great work, JavaRush! I can't wait to see your final project. :)

javarush214 responds:

thank you man. i agree with you :D

Great Movie

This was the best movie ever about demigods. Got the intro & went straight into the finale.
Song fit the fight scene
animation was fluid & smooth
action packed.
great job.

Fantastik'ool !

awesome animation technique and nice drawing too, love it for its power, length and its quality. :))