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The Sketch Collab 2011

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The Sketch Collab is back for the fifth consecutive year, once again bringing the doodles we scrawl without thinking about to life, giving movement to what we usually can only make static in the spare space left on the page in some text book. Enjoy!

This year's talent includes (in order of appearance):
Seranatis (Jamieneo66)
Chameneon (Author Pages)

So, watch, vote and enjoy as you watch the oodles of doodles in this year's Sketch Collab.

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This was notbad

wow this was actually notbad the "ANIMATION" was pretty decent the "MUSIC" played a good role and made it all that much better, the "ART" was talented designs and animation and just came off very fresh and well presented, you have amazed me on this film, and hope you make more like this one very entertaining, and nice music choice.

More of these sketch collabs would be nice.


Good collab

As always with collabs there are some mediocre animations and some top notch sketches in there. I think the best animations can be seen towards the end (I liked the one with Bob the serial killer, for example), so the collab gets better the longer you watch it (and I rather have it this way than noticing a steady decline in quality over the course of a collab).

The music did go along pretty good as well. "Right here, Right now" is a very good song and some of the sketches did fit quite well to it.

Overall, it's an enjoyable flash.

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Interesting To Watch

I was very intrigued by this, having never seen any of the previous sketch collabs, so I didn't know quite what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

A project dedicated to giving life to doodles from workbooks might not seem like a great idea but you guys really pulled it off well. The way everything flowed smoothly and transitions from one artist to the next was fun and interesting to watch.

You got a good balance of styles in, and with each artist's section being so diverse, I'd say you've managed to include a little something for everyone.
That being said, I felt that it was a little rough around the edges. Sometimes the animation wasn't particularly smooth, or the drawing just needed to be tidied up a little. I wont name any names, but I feel if you'd waited just a little longer and made some refining touches, it would have really helped.

Also, I like the choice of song, but the sound quality itself was a little off. Maybe you had some audio issues, maybe the file was just low quality, who knows? But try to take that into consideration for the next collab.

Other than that, great work guys! I really enjoyed it, and I look forward to watching the next one!

*Review Request Club*


Well, all i've really got to say; these people got some imagination. The flash is kindof crappy though, although this flash is still pretty cool :P
I give it an 8 out of 10


I found this fairly nice and quite entertaining as they moved from one sketch to the next one. The way it seemed to just keep going was great as well and I rather enjoyed it a lot.

I like how there was a good mix of art styles moving from one to the next. I enjoyed the sketch with Bob and the Redead face humper quite a bit as they entertained me. The cat appearing on the near to last one was also great I think. There was just a lot of style here and it was great to watch.

The background was fairly simple yet nice and gave a feel that you were watching something getting drawn onto a piece of paper too. The menu screen was also good and the preloader sketch was cool.

The music was alright I suppose. Did not take away from the value of this but it feels like I have heard "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim so many times that it kind of gets tiring to hear after awhile. I liked the credit music though.

Overall, very entertaining and well put together collab, really nice.

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