Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2011"

just a tad bit off perfection

Some original concepts, a LOT of fantastic animating, just short of the perfect 10 because of some poorly conceived segments that dragged the whole thing down.

Won't name names, because you know who you are, when you compare your stuff to the rest of the fantastic works.


I frankly liked this year's Sketch Collab, but then again I never did watch last year's, or the year before. Anyways, moving on...it was one I enjoyed watching.

The animation: All of them were good, some of them smooth and fluid; I don't want to pick favorites, but I guess I'll do so anyway :P My favorite was zeebrafication's and AirFaerie95's, and my vote would've gone to Kashi's part, but after the initial "intro", it just kind of deteriorated and made the rest of his/her animation look bad.

The graphics: It may bug me that it's sketchy-like, but some parts where they were colored in rather than having lines drawn across them were good. Then again, it's the Sketch Collab. In one word: Great. Well, by some. Others weren't that good.

The music: Well, it fitted nicely for all the animations, and was, all in all, a good choice of music; it helped create an atmosphere that fitted the animations almost perfectly.

The only reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10 was because some people's animation [parts] weren't up to the level of others, but then again it's a collab, and I've never participated in one, so what can I say about it? I don't know.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Some users' parts were great
2) Nice choice of music
3) Fluid animation
4) Good-looking art (at some points)

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Relatively bad-looking art (at some points; not bad, but simply not as good as others')
2) "Breaking" animation at some points for some users' parts

thats not so bad


great as usual

another great selection of sketches. heres hoping the 2012 collections just as good.


nice, this is very creative and fun!