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---- NEWS ----

The sequel to Zombocalypse is in development, but we need your help to fund it on Kickstarter.com! You'll get really cool awards for backing the project like a free copy of the game, t-shirts, posters, and even your face IN the game. Together we can make this game a reality!

Zombocalypse Kickstarter: www.kck.st/zombocalypse)


The zombocalypse has just begun. Survival is futile.

Fight off hordes of zombies in this chaotic arcade style game! Gain experience, unlock cool new weapons, call in ally support, and more.

---- DEV NOTE ----

Thanks Tom + NG team for the front page! It's my first, and a new milestone for me. Moreover, much love to the NewGrounds community, you guys are simply awesome.

Visit to IronZilla.com for cheatcodes :]

---- CONTROLS ----
SPACE: Use Weapon
DOWN: Pick up crate (hold to drop weapon)
UP: Call in Support (at 25,50,100 killcombo)
SHIFT: Pause the game
note: Lefties can use WASD controls on the fly!



So this was cool these zombie type of games are cool and in this one there's lots of action wish you added more flashy effects on kills and action scenes the combos were really good I had fun with this one the gameplay was smooth and it keeps you entertained

Some more flashy effects on kills and action scenes


Well, I got 392 kills and I got a 108 combo. Is that good? This game just seemed too easy. Well, maybe everybody gets that number. I love zombie games. It's just great to kill over and over again.

I admit it did get a little repetitive. I kept forgetting that I could run out of ammo. It just seems to be an endless game but I'm not complaining. Dang, you're getting me in the Halloween mood! A pity you were a month early.

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I find this game to be very intense, and lots of fun! I managed to kill 716 zombies in one try, but i think there should be missions / quests / sub-quests added, ( or into a sequel which ever comes first). i also think this game should be a little more open to explore, (similar to a game called poptropica poptropica.com), finally i think the game would be lots of fun if you could wander throughout the city, exploring ad finding new items, to add the open world feel, but it's ok if you don't use this idea. Because I would see why you would like to keep the survival/ arcade feel to your game, other wise, 5 STARS!!!!

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4.33 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2011
5:43 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed