Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Boss. All the way. However I found a few quirks. First, the fast zombies can't be killed with some weapons if they happen to reach you, so you end up having to drop the weapon you are holding or use a killstreak just to kill it. Second, the achievements (besides rampage) are quite easy to get (though this may be because I am a pro) Add more achievements and/or make them more difficult, and fix the fast zombies and this game is perfect.

This game....
It made my week :)
I want to play that sequel.

This is great, I like the way you get weapons and how you have to manage it towards the end. I killed 1004 zombies in my first game! This is a really satisfying game that's great for pick up gaming, and it's easy to learn for people who don't tend to game much. Keep up the good work man.

This game is 100% amazing. I love to do this in my free time. The best stratagy is to pick up every crate you can and NOT to use your attack bonuses untill you either A: Lose your kill streak or B: Get to the attack chopper. It's a really fun game, and I love it.

i love this game because its so awseome!