Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Call of Duty all the way

This game slightly reminds me of Blackopps...killin me some Zombies haha they put a rank...killstreaks and everything lol

Excellent and addictive

I hate this game so much, it makes me waster hours and hours, i try to quite, but i think "just one more level" or when im studying i think "i could play a level of zombocalypse right now" I think it hit the perfect level of tactics and simplicity.
@team-rocket-junkie If you think that the start guns are the best, your not using them right and if anyone thinks the riot shield is useless they certainly arn't using it right, you dont use it to wait, it can move entire hordes off to the screen or mulch them to paste.


this name reminds me of regular show ZOMBOCALYPSE

this game is a boss

the simplicity of the game play kicks ass run back and forth and blow zombie brains on the sidewalk!!!! i love that. incorporating more zombies and some different baddasss zombie deaths would be cool though

hey im not a lefty and i play with wasd great game though