Reviews for "Zombocalypse"


I find this game to be very intense, and lots of fun! I managed to kill 716 zombies in one try, but i think there should be missions / quests / sub-quests added, ( or into a sequel which ever comes first). i also think this game should be a little more open to explore, (similar to a game called poptropica poptropica.com), finally i think the game would be lots of fun if you could wander throughout the city, exploring ad finding new items, to add the open world feel, but it's ok if you don't use this idea. Because I would see why you would like to keep the survival/ arcade feel to your game, other wise, 5 STARS!!!!

I love this community :D so positive and nice. this game is amazing and i enjoy it very much, i just wish there were permanent guns/weps u could have and not always start out with machete :D

the second one is better but this one is cool too

I luv this game. Its on adult swim too.