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A clockday Post-It Note movie!



Like others have mentioned this is a strange Clock Day submission in that it's very different from any of the other submissions. Something I do appreciate about this submission was the effort put into it obviously, especially the hand-drawn parts.

Some of them seemed a bit too short or incomplete, though considering that compiling something like this would be hard I would understand why you wouldn't want to expand on it, and the songs during the short skits were very nice.


ToonCastleTV responds:

Thanks man ! :D
Yeah I really did what I could to put this one together, I only started drawing it up randomly a few days before clock day , and with my old laptop scanning and importing the pics was a loong process :(
Thanks for the review dude!

To start this off I thought this was an ok Clock-Day animation. Untill I looked at the title. YOU MADE IT WITH POST-ITS?! I really wasn't paying much attention I was just thinking ohh he made a rough draft but then I saw you made it with post-its. I really liked it. I can't wait to see more Clock-Day animations. :3

ToonCastleTV responds:

Thanks Man ! I just may have to try to expand the premise this year ;D

Nice work

Now before i get started on the details and such, I just wanted to say a few things in a more enlightening way of the flash, first off it was a refreshing flash entry and showed off some decent skills here and there and whatnot, So for what i got out of this it was pretty positive, allthough later you will find some helpfull ideas, tips and suggestions that may help make it even better so try them aout and never be afraid to try new stuff. So first great job on this "CLOCK-DAY" Entry its always a fun day and see what comes thru, The differant toons you have here are all kinda neat and quite enjoyble, so it was nice that you added a few short animations in one flash that is good quality controll, The animation here was abit differant i guess because it was more then animation but i do like how you presented this, it was interesting though, Audio was pretty good here there was a "WIDE" mixture of audio uses and such wich actually made it alright so that was something good, There was some "STATIC" Sounds with some of the music but it was little to non, and not a real issue, And i guess the whole "VIEW-SCREEN" could be larger it would allow for more detail to show and bring a tad more quality to everything. And so here we have something differant and with everything going on you really bring out the quality,So i am loving the unique style and it stillbrings some entertainment value and that was all a plus, and really just kept me interested from the getgo, so props to you on a decent flash submission here, hope to see more from you. Ok so here it is in a nutshell as some may say, thiswas notbad, and there is some room for making things better and or improving on a few points, both positive and negitive points in this flash, but i liked it all, but anyways here are one or two ideas and improving on this would be great.

So I actually found this to be an entertaining flash sumbmission, I did see a couple of things that could have been re-worked with a tad more effort, so i gone ahead to try and find some lacking points and do hope you consider looking into them as it will just add more quality, but anyways heres an idea or two. Some static was around but it was not a big thing maybe some looking into this would be great.and a larger view screen would be a plus.

ToonCastleTV responds:

Thanks for the very fair review - I'd very much like to try this type again sometime soon =/ but I think larger paper will have to be used, probably animation paper and I have a higher quality camera these days so maybe it will be epic if I have a chance

This is okay for a clock day flash. The screen size should be bigger, it can be hard to see.

ToonCastleTV responds:

Thanks for the review. Screen size was so small because honestly that was the size that did the pictures the most justice. If you want to watch it in a larger format you can do so here:

Mixed bag of things

Well this felt like a really mixed bag kind of animation as it was mostly stop motion animating except for one part where changes to being a computer work for one frame of that segment. Only bad thing here is the preloader since it loops for some reason even though it shouldn't.

The animating was nice seeing as everything here was drawn on paper and then scanned or photographed and imported into flash so they could be used in animating.

The various sound effects and songs were all rather great and pretty enjoyable to listen to. Like how for combustion or just beating something up there was a little sound being played to make it seem more lively to the viewer.

Overall, entertaining bunch of three to five second clips.

Review Request Club

ToonCastleTV responds:

Thanks I'm glad you could enjoy what the best I could do here, instead of unappreciative comments.

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