Reviews for "B-Lated ClockDay Post-It"

Broken preloader, doesn't really recover

Well, this piece isn't the best, not by a long shot. I like the way that you've decided to make it around the size of a Post It! note and ran wih the idea of it. For reference, you may wish to scale the size of the piece up to actual, or even slightly bigger - you're probably 33% smaller than a Post It! note.

The preloader got stuck on a loop and I had to right click and play to get into the piece, which didn't help, though once it got started, we could see what was what.

I think that the various themes that you used here were nice and things like StrawberryClock doing backflips was a great idea. With the break piece between the two, perhaps you could have had an animated Strawberry flicking through the pad, with a Giant animated "HAPPY CLOCK DAY" being picked out on the pages, as he watches, may have been a better idea.

Some of the image quality was sacrificed, either by the quality of the original drawings, the scanner / photograph definition, or even struggles to align the images in each instance. These little details can make all the difference, so please take the time to get them right, as they do pay dividends.

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ToonCastleTV responds:

Yea, I dont know why he preloader did that... I didn't engineer it! =/
Lol and yea the strawberry flicking through is a good idea.
I tried my best man with my camera to take the best pictures I could, and used photoshop the best I could throughout, and tried the best I could to align this. The animations are all on scale just not the post it's through out. If I had been able to get into my school and scan them this may have turned out cleaner for sure, but alias I did what I could in August. I still have the post-its I drew on, so maybe I will re configure this and add more to it but this was soley for fun more or less, and it was! I did all the drawing in my basment window on a sunny days =)

Ya that was raw

I've always thought flip-book animation was the tits. This is however mediocre imo. Maybe it went to quick for me to see all the frames, maybe there weren't many frames, whatever it was, I didn't see much animation, mostly just a start and a finish with an occasional single, middle-frame.

ToonCastleTV responds:

because of the thickness of the paper i could only do pose 2 pose animation and i started doing this for the fuck of it a day or 2 before clockday... but there at least 50 drawn frames. This was not to create an epic masterpiece as much as it was just to fill up a movie, glad it has some entertainment value tho