Douchebag Life

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If you remember our hit game The Douchebag Workout you will definitely enjoy our new sequel; The Douchebag Life. In this game you can live the life of a true douchebag! Go to work, eat well, customize your crib, but especially get buff, pop your collar and go to da club!!

The Douchebag Life features an interactive game play where you can customize just about anything. Your ultimate goal is to score with the ladies and get ready for the big pool party... so make sure you are an ultimate douche before the big day.

Game controls:
Mouse to select options.

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Hint to automatically lvl up your douchebag level use shift + L

I do like this game, but I personally can't beat it without cheats. I CAN get to level 6, but I'm a 100% completionist, and I both literally and realistically can't do that:
-I realistically can't get to 100% because I just don't have a good rhythm nor can I work, workout, then have the energy to go clubbing in one day.
-I literally can't get 100% because the Pimped Crib stat seems to be at 99%. I've bought all the decos, painted my walls pink, gotten the most expensive paintings. I've used cheats to give me endless money and time, but no paint color combination or lower-costing furniture piece can get me to that 100%.

I finished this game within 10 days, because I am a goddess that can make money appear out of no where and control time! Its a good game.

The only problem with it is its short asf. Its really easy when you know what your doing! (obviously...) Its addictive like Flappy Bird, but the problem is - like I said - its SHORT. Its not like Flappy Bird, because its not repetitive. But the only thing that's keeping me from making my rating 3 stars is the music. Especially the start screen....

Finished the game with all maxed in 10 nights.
The game is hilarious! Not really my type of game but its very funny, many congratz to the creator.
I'm here thanks to Markiplier, although I had heard of this game before. ;)