Reviews for "Douchebag Life"

Could be better

Too much time spent waiting for clock to pass. you shouldn't have to use cheats for such things. It would be nice to have more options on what to do in the club, on the job as well, then the game would become more deep. Buffing became extreme at the end, but i guess this game is somehow a joke so that's tolerable.

I like it

But everything in the game is slow, you need to click and than wait and wait in order to finish work, finish training, so and so....
Cheats help, as whitout them, you'd rather take a book next to you...make the waiting less atrocious.
And I need to second, what are the songs?


damm cant get to lvl 6 dont know how to pimp my cribe but still a great game o and buy pimpimg my cribe i cant put out the wall or rugs and that shit but i love this game 10/10


Shift u : Makes the time go backwards one hour.
Shift i : Makes the time go forward one hour.
Shift s : Gives you $10

fun if you are bored

awesome game, but please what are the songs?