Reviews for "Douchebag Life"


Game is pretty fun. But I happened to accidently click on an ad while I was on day 14 and when I rejoined I noticed that day 14 would start over completely but I still had the same amount of money , upgrades, and items that I had before I left. So essentially one can use this tactic to rack up money. Only bug i found wrong.


Fun enough. However, one thing that irritated me was if you used the cheats and went too far back in time, time would advance to the next day. Meanwhile if you overshot a time and used the cheat that was supposed to advance time, it just leveled you up instead.

Fun game!

It's fun, did find a bug which really surprised me being it's Pyrozen. If you are at the mall and leave too quickly you go back home but can still purchase things from the mall. Also being able to advance the time instead of waiting would have been nice.


Detailed real well, makes me feel "douch a fied"

Pretty good,

wish there was a prompt like when you got to work i thought the game froze until i saw the clock going faster.