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Being cheerful is easy!

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FINALLY A CARTOON, but as of now this is pretty old, but who cares I still think its a fun animation. Plus I have not given newgrounds ANY attention in years.
Hope you enjoy :D

Song is a sped version of the Bratislava Hot Serenaders cover of "Living in the sunlight"

*EDIT Changed the retarded logo thing in beginning
thank you NitrogenousBeing

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This put a smile on my face this morning! Its very silly.


Abso-f*ckin'-lutely wonderlfull!
I guess the animation could have been made a little bit smoother , as well as a better lip-sync.
But all in all it fit the theme rather well. The music was especially great. Up to now I only new and loved the version by Tiny Tim. But the one you mixed might become my second most loved version now.
Great job!

I'm happy after seeing this. Nice animation and cool little song. Think I'll go have a wonderful time.

Loved this ever since I saw it on another site.