Reviews for "Being cheerful is easy!"

great job

and it is easy to be cheerful i allways am
well usually exept when the people who ar ass holes do what they do best30 then cheerfulness waits for about 30 minutes to come back

I like it :D

the song is the best :)


The animations when I first started it made feel like "How the heck is it on front page and a weekly winner?" But as any old saying goes, "Don't judge a book by it's cover, because it will eat your bodily fluids if you do." ...or something like that... But overall, I follow that golden cookie.

But it's one of those times where it feels like you are watching a cartoon instead of a really bad parody of something. Oh man... People talking then old captions of words follow shows up? In this time period? It makes me think of the olden days when all they had at the time was music, but nothing else following.

So that setting you put it in, not to mention keeping the originality of olden times, it's quite a refreshing video to watch and nice to share with anyone! So friendly. SO HAPPY!!! (CURSE YOU NCS of your catchphrase!)

I really love it and I enjoy it. Nothing is wrong with it either. The cartoon looks like a cartoon. Hell, due to it's feeling of olden times from that setting you set for it, it doesn't feel like it is a flash video and belonged to a tv episode! I love every bit of it. Really, there isn't much improvements due to it's style. Heck, you could probably throw other original clips keeping it's same type of style, but a different episode... And it would TOTALLY feel like I'm watching something that's on TV! I have no complaints here. Though, it's not something I normally watch, but I like it cause it uses clean humor! We don't get those that much anymore. I'm giving this a nice 10 out of 10 and a lovely 5 out of 5. Only because this is something I actually like and would most likely watch again and again.

Where can I get coffee for a dime?

Seriously. I need to know.

It's weird that i like it alot

I really can't help it. I like it. I thought the art was megh, at first, but as it continued. I saw the animation it was wonderful. I saw it shouldn't be done what some would say is BETTER. so it's perfect. Well done.