Reviews for "Being cheerful is easy!"

I love this, the classticity, I follow the rule of doing what you like when you like and I love it! no that does mean being a jerk when I like it means if I lather myself in barbeque sauce and dance in my yard wearing only shoes with no socks, it's because I motherfuckin' can! The randomness of actions taken also help when your sad throwing a table in the air is one way to cheer yourself up. I have one question WHERE THE HELL are they getting drinks for a dime, that is one hell of a deal right there!

Love it

Love it!

What came first? Did you build around the song or did you just find it afterwards and put it in? Either way fantastic video, animation really suited the song and the characters were drawn really cool. Nice work :D

Very cheerful

I like the idea of this video. If you sit around and act sad all the time then good things will never come. If you get out there and live and be happy about things you like then good things tend to come because you always have something fun to look forward to. Very nice message and animation.

Like how the animation appears to be a comedic version of old cartoons with the way the backing layer kind of has lines appearing here and there and message boxes instead of actual voices too. Funny how at the end AntiVen finally puts on a smile for the first time ever.

I found the song to be quite hilarious.

Overall, very wonderful animation and message.


some people simply need to learn to look on the bright side, and this is a good instructional video for that.