Pico's Fresh Burdens

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Just wait for the play button to assemble itself. Thanks for watching. I decided to make a cartoon with zone's mascot in it because I haven't seen fanmade cartoons of it yet. I hope zone's not pissed. He's probably gonna get mad if he'll see this because I made his shit look bad lol. I bet he's from Japan and is having a hard time and shit. I don't think zone will ever see this so I'm just gonna make fun of his crap. I worked on this movie for weeks because my first pico cartoon sucked so bad I deleted it because it was very humiliating imo. I just hate my anatomy. This movie is not really finish and I couldn't finish it because I didn't have enough time. I'm still kind of disappointed with one but yeah, it was worth it because I learned some new things and stuff. I did not look at enough photos of zone tan and shotgun bullets and that's why they look stupid in this video. I really hope you'll watch this because I wasted so much time on this lol! I got som audio from stonebucket, partners in rhyme, youtube videos, Dark Fury Movie, Team Fortress 2, Dawn of War, and some other places. I don't know what the first music is called, I used the GTA san andreas theme, Suck my Dog's Dick by Wesley Willis, a music from the movie "Dark Fury", Awaiting the Turmoil by Valley of the Dead, and One Time by Justin Bieber. Thanks for watching and have a nice Pico Day.

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5 stars for awesome sex scene!

Nice job dog

Cool Dog

Well i do think there are a lot of good parts to this movie man regardless of entry ranks or w.e. i actually didn't realize that this was a winner man so gratz on that! throughout you showed good work, just try to focus on cleaner lines, it will make your animation a lot stronger B-) No hard feelings~ OH and yeah, get a better voice actor! i'd gladly voice act for ya if you needed someone.


nice animated and piconjo looks cool but 1 question.
what's the song when the uber kids come up?
pm me about it plz

Really Nice Voice Acting

The best thing about this video is probably the voice acting I think that was well practiced and rehearsed and performed nicely throughout the flash especially Nene. My favorite part was probably the ol' classic Pico Vs Uberkids it's always nice to see them take part in flashes like these. The character designs were nicely done especially on Darnell's part I thought the animation had good quality and lots of time taken on it nice job. The audio was great and suited the video for each and every scene it was playing. Lastly the background animations were a nice fitting edge to it.

The preloader was really choppy and rushed and make the video seem really crappy probably turning viewers away. The action scenes were a little sketchy to.

The video is great for Pico Day and I might be willing to watch it again someday but not anytime soon as it's to simple and not much of a replay effect.

-TY Reviews

GregoryShitcock responds:

Really Nice Voice Acting? cmon, did you even watch the whole thing? thanks for the review though

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4.21 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2011
10:17 AM EDT

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