Reviews for "Pico's Fresh Burdens"

You did great but...

The drawing and animation was sweet, but sometimes it got really sloppy though. In all, great work. The story was almost laughable, but I like how you got all the characters together, even the Tankmen. The battle scenes were good too, even though they seemed rushed, or you just different put any time for suspense... (You could have waited a few seconds before blowing Pikanjo's head off.)
Music was a nice choice. Voices on the other hand... Sometimes they were funny, but its hard to understand them when they're at different volumes and they're distorted and stuff. I liked the references though; Boondocks, DBZ maybe?
P.S. And also, can you make the video size smaller? I've got a pretty big laptop and even I couldn't see everything. Kudos

Excellent stuff

I was expecting this to be crappy but wow did you put a lot of effort int this and you covered almost all your bases.... except for voice acting, could have asked a few users I think, they would have been happy to do that for you because Nene with voices from Team Fortress 2 seems kind of sad to me but it was cool I guess. Also I think Zone would have been happy to see HER icon in this piece and yes Zone is a cool lady.

The storyline here was good too. Zone wound up grinding her into the city kind of like Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle starting into Radical Highway which was also fun. Then she goes to jail and has to sit with Nene for a bit. Pico borrows Darnell's ride while he rides in the back.

The soon arrive at the city and Pico must take out a legion of UberKids before fighting Pikanjo, he nearly dies and then Darnell shoots his head off saving Pico. Pico soon saves Zone while Nene beats him senseless for some reason or another. What was Zone saying at the end before you cut it off? :C

The voices were cool here. ANy chance of telling me what all songs you used here since I like them.

Overall, excellent Pico Day piece, really liked this.

GregoryShitcock responds:

I don't know the first one. The second one is the GTA san andreas theme, 3rd=Suck My dogs dick by Wesley Willis, 4th=I don't know what it is; it's from the Dark Fury movie 5th=Awating the Turmoil by Valley of the Dead. Zone Tan said "That nikkas 15 years old, dawg" I got it from the boondocks. Thanks. I still think zone is a guy because I haven't seen photos of zone yet lol.

OK i guess.

THe movie itself was good but the voice acting was just plain terrible. I couldn't understand a word they were saying! I'm not trying to bash on you but could you work on the voice acting a lil' bit?

funny shit!

Beastly action