Darnell's Beats

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Sorry for this rushed work. But i still want to upload this flash exactly on Pico day.
I will keep updating it as the days go along ;)


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great music

+ Lively and catchy. I could imagine using this music in other Flash.
the basic art and idea is good and had potential

- Not much too it, when it comes to animation and action. You have those coloured power displays on the front that could and should go up and down. You have a character that should be funky and is completley still. You have speakers that should pulse with beat and don't. It all just stops while the beat goes on. If you were to come back next year and build this into a really good submission, I would look forward to it, but right now it has no replay value as a video IMO.

YouriX responds:

I completly agree with you. Next year i'll do my best ;)

Really Energizing

The character designs were neatly done you really do work hard on those don't you? Even if you didn't take your time you did great at animating Darnell and P-Bot they were neatly done with the details having great color put into them. The audio was a great choice especially the fact that you created it you should be given all the more credit for the amazing yet energizing song nice job man. Finally I think a lot of effort was put into this and you deserve a pat on the back.

Well the pace and sense of timing was a little off as it was at the most a minute making it less enjoyable than it probably should be if it were longer. The plot needed to be a little more clear as it zoomed in on the angry faces for awhile making it unclear what exactly we were supposed to be seeing.

A nice flash man I'd watch this for the great music and just to see the effects of Darnell but it was to short to make me want to replay it again.

-TY Reviews

YouriX responds:

Wow this is a really good review. Yes i could repeate myself and say i didnt have enough time to state my point. But there are no excuses. Still even when i had little time i had to still do it better. Anyways compliments on your good review and thank you for your time ;)

Dude, beast.

This is exactly how chill I imagine Darnell. Him pumpin' out tunes, beast. I'm giving you a ten because obviously a lot of effort was put into this, and I know you can and will improve. I'ma d-load the t-rack.

YouriX responds:

Hahahah! Thanks man. I'm glad you liked it anyways and saw the effort put into the cartoon ;)

glad u submittedsomething

better than nothin!

YouriX responds:

Well i geuss so..

Seems alright

Not the best submission of the day but I will give you credit for at least trying to make something related to Pico day. Now I await someone to do one on Nene which might not even happen sadly. Enjoyed how throughout the whole animation everything was shaky anyways.

The P-Bot body part was kind of out of touch with the tune if you were trying to make the angry faces change with the drum beat playing. Nice how you ended it with a link to the song playing which was good I think. Darnell seemed to be pretty chilled out here as well.

Overall, nicely done little vid.

YouriX responds:

Thank you it might not look like it. But i spend alot of time making this animation. I had so many ideas. I wish i started with the animation even earlier! But life got in the way, man i hate saying that all the time buts its true.

Anyways thanks for the review ;)

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3.43 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2011
11:12 PM EDT
Music Video

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