Pestilence Z

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Regarding save files: PLEASE ensure that you allow flash the proper amount of filespace to properly save the game. Right click go to SETTINGS > LOCAL STORAGE > and move it up to 10MB or Unlimited to ensure there are no issues. Thanks!

Pestilence Z is a zombie survival turn-based RPG with hours of gameplay and content. This includes 3 playable characters with 3 specialization trees each, 5 unique enemy AI zombie types with 9 full zombie animation sets, 60 detailed and immersive maps, including 8 secret maps, compiled from a set of 600+ unique tiles, 100s of searchable items and over 602 possible different equipable items. Pestilence Z features a deep, engaging combat system to battle through the zombie mobs as you fight for survival. This is the first episode of the series of three and includes 5 missions. Pestilence Z also features several minutes of cinematic animation and an original sound track to drive the compelling story of the outbreak's origin.


About Zombie Movement and Walls: We understand people's dislike of this, however it is not a glitch or laziness. Much beta testing was done over this matter and ultimately we decided to allow zombies free movement over the map. Due to the zombie's movement restriction (one tile), this was the only way to keep a level of depth and strategy during movement in the world.

About Accuracy: Many factors attribute to overall accuracy: First, smaller zombies are harder to hit and larger zombies are easier to hit, certain guns have reduced accuracy at longer range, obviously the vet is the most accurate and the jock is the least accurate.



well i played as "the Vet" :P and i think hes pretty awesome but it is weird when you have 54% headshot chance and dont really hit anything for quite some time.
and one thing what really annoyed me was that the inventory was sometimes buggy and you could'nt change the possision much less making anything else with it. but all in all i think its a great game and i will at least play the nurse too...so see you later ^^

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Good but...

I learned zombies can go through walls and other things and the skill tree should be a little bigger.


I give you five for the idea. This game would have been a lot cooler if you had people fighting along side you. Instead, you're fighting off zombies by yourself. I did like the headshots, that was cool. Maybe take another stab at the game, make a sequel, idk. This game does not have a lot to offer.

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A zombie 25m in front of you could not be easily shot in the head. That's 25 meters, which is roughly 75 feet. Honestly, I doubt you could even hit a zombie head at point blank. : )

Anyway, good game. Me gusta.

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Buggy and incomplete

The game has many flaws that must be corrected.
Most have been stated.
But one that people missed was that the name perfect, shiny, golden etc didnt say much about the gun.
In my inventory I have an average, dirty, and perfect shotgun with the same stats.
It makes me upset since I spent points in scavenger for the Vet, but still don't get the best items.
Additionally the luck portion of attacking needs to be fixed a bit, a zombie 25m in front of you should be easily hit in the head, i shot at 1 zombie 6 times in the head at that range and didnt get a shot. I had a 50% chance to hit the head, which should be higher if he is closer.

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4.20 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2011
12:00 PM EST
Adventure - RPG