Reviews for "Pestilence Z"


I give you five for the idea. This game would have been a lot cooler if you had people fighting along side you. Instead, you're fighting off zombies by yourself. I did like the headshots, that was cool. Maybe take another stab at the game, make a sequel, idk. This game does not have a lot to offer.


A zombie 25m in front of you could not be easily shot in the head. That's 25 meters, which is roughly 75 feet. Honestly, I doubt you could even hit a zombie head at point blank. : )

Anyway, good game. Me gusta.

Buggy and incomplete

The game has many flaws that must be corrected.
Most have been stated.
But one that people missed was that the name perfect, shiny, golden etc didnt say much about the gun.
In my inventory I have an average, dirty, and perfect shotgun with the same stats.
It makes me upset since I spent points in scavenger for the Vet, but still don't get the best items.
Additionally the luck portion of attacking needs to be fixed a bit, a zombie 25m in front of you should be easily hit in the head, i shot at 1 zombie 6 times in the head at that range and didnt get a shot. I had a 50% chance to hit the head, which should be higher if he is closer.

Nice one.

I don't think it's everyone's cup of tea but i really like this slower paced RPG kind of game. I really enjoyed it. Felt a lot like the older Fallout games with the music and battle phase. Again nicely mate.

Psssh yall some HATERS

I didnt find one thing wrong with this game. everything about it put it perfectly in its own little niche and I personally spent about 5 hrs on it and didnt realized it. GREAT JOB B-point keep up the good work.
Oh and a hint to yall if you shove the zombies back to stun them then go for the headshot this strategy rarely fails and keeps the shits off you.