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Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

normally i HATE zombie games/movies, but your style make me want to lay it again..... and again... and....

This is really cool! I love what you did with this idea. I've been thinking that there are almost no RPG-like zombie games for a while. I love that you incorporated a grid-base system with different guns and items. Different zombies call for different strategies ie(weapons, items) so it makes fun.

I agree with Terrorama, adding more items and maybe a loot-crafting system could make it more interesting. That way players get more rewards for exploration. You could also add more interaction with other humans-survivors (traditional NPC likes shops or trading centers, could be useful; npc could add a goal-mission type quest like save people-get items for survivors-kill off hordes of zombies-transport supplies, etc.)

It has a lot of potential to become a great game. I wish there was more emphasis on scavenging items, more variety of items, less ranged weapons, maybe crafting... As it is it is very crude, but interesting.

Absolutely beautiful game. Keep it up. :) I just wish if the zombies can walk thru walls that i could shoot them when they were standing on the walls.

awsome game and i love the starting weapons!