Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

Good game

Great game I love it

pretty good

I really liked this game. But there was a very annoying part of it: the movement. It's very uncomfortable that you always have to click the move button befor you could click to the desired position. You should alway be in move mode so that movements could be made with just one click. You clould still switch to shoot mode by clicking the crosshair.
Also the toolbar would be better as a thin ribbon on the bottom (or the top) of the screen instead of in a box wich always covers something. (By the way, when I move the box, then click for the character screen, most of the times the box goes back to its original position, wich is kinda annoying becose I moved it for a reason.)
And another thing: while I don't care about high scores too much, if there is a score board, it would be nice to know how the scores are calculated. I just completed the game in 'Apocalypse' mode, killed all zombies and searched everything, yet I could only make it to the 946th place with 664 points and there are people with more than 900 points.

So Much Fun!

I've played through and beaten this with each class now, and I love it! The Vet was by far the best class, in my opinion; nothing like mowing down zombies from a distance with near-guaranteed head shots >:D. I game across two glitches and two minor issues though:

Glitch #1: On the top floor of the doctor's mansion, whenever I beat all the zombies, I wasn't allowed to move around freely like you could in other areas; I could only move a few spaces at a time. It seemed to fix itself when I exited and re-entered though.

Glitch #2: I can't remember where it was, but inside one of the houses, two of the tile spaces that I originally picked items up from suddenly started flashing randomly with different pictures when I came back to the area. It didn't effect the gameplay at all, but it was still weird.

Issue #1: It would have been nice to be able to adjust sound and tutorial options from inside the game, rather than having to save and go back to the title menu. Extremely minor inconvenience, but it would have been a nice touch.

Issue #2: As a girl, I find it a little unfair that the nurse was made to look like helpless eye-candy on the menu background image while the guys got to look badass. She may not have been my favorite character to play as, but she could still hold her own.

Can't wait for the next installment!


I truly enjoyed the game although there are a few things I would change after my first play through as the nurse. First, I would make it possible for a group of zombies to have different types, so there would be a fat zombie with kids, a spitter working with a cop, etcetera.

Two is I would really enjoy more unique guns and weapons in the game. I found the Flamethrower and I thought it was pretty cool. I would also like animations for the melee weapons used. It's a shame to get a katana and not see it used when hacking and slashing through the undead.

A few more battle options would also be cool. Hope to see these things in the sequel. Great game otherwise.

very fun to play

the skills dont seem to be working, at least not fot me do.