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Sim Kitten

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Done it a long time ago for fun.
The crappy look is intentional.

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Holy Shit :O

This is the best damn game ever ! The graphics are perfect , the sounds are fantastic and the animation is cleary the best on Newground . well done :D

what the fuck

what the fuck

bad graphics

sound effect are kinda good

simple animation

overall you need get work

this is horrible.

there's no point to it. there's no inherent fun in the game, just pointlessly clicking to the next badly drawn animation. all of it fails to humor me in the slightest. please keep this kind of thing off of newgrounds.


i fell off my chair when i played with it. best sound effect ever

Worth a few laughs!

Best turd of the week I've seen in a long time.

Animation - Incredibly simple. Almost no detail at all.
Sound - I thought they were fitting. However, you need some more sounds, perhaps a few meows at least.
Humor - A big suprise! I was expecting this game to be a drag, but you really made this amusing. I spent a lot of time feeding the cat and all other things.

Overall, you have some major work to do. The animations are too simple. I'd like to see more options, more things to do.

This provided a nice laugh. Keep practicing.