Reviews for "Sim Kitten"


This is so cute :3

Monolight responds:



5/5 the greatest flash of the day. Now i shall go fill a potato sack with kittens and beat it with a sledge, good day ppl.

Monolight responds:

Don't forget to record and upload it to youtube.

im sorry

there where poor graphics and you can just lick 4 button to have unfunny joke? no you should add things like if you repress the button there something other i dont know do something who is isnt boring this is just.... crappy


this aint even a game.its truly pointless theres no end to it.should of at least had more to do than four little options.

Monolight responds:

That would require actual effort.


That it looks crappy, I really don't mind, but the main thing, I just didn't find it funny, together with some poorly used sound effects, it really is a pile of cat....