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Reviews for "Sim Kitten"

thanks but

i understand you did this for fun...
but please leave turds of the week to true trolls.
but since i rated 0 i have to offer constructive criticism :/
-add some kind of level system that lets you actually train your cat
-put at least 5 minutes into the 'art'
-when submitting something to newgrounds, keep in mind many people here come to see good quality flash, not get trolled.

Hope this helped. But i really dont think you have any chance at making something descent. Good luck, though.


in short... cats arent good for shit

Thats really bad man

I don't see the point in having intentional crappy looks. I just hope you know why this got turd of the week.

OMG yes!

It was brilliant! Awe inspiring! True turd of the week material, you deserve it!

Crappily funny!!!

It's so bad its funny wow why would u blam this?