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Reviews for "Sim Kitten"

I like it

I like it when you pres FEED IT he vomits because he dose not like it.


What a maserbation, i mean piece.....
This mini-game never got old to me, before i knew it, 2 hours have flown by.
You sir, are my hero. You Have brightened up my day.
10/10 5/5

The cat is cute but...

there was no point to it. It wasn't good. i want this to have music and more sound in it.

I dont get it

It has pretty much no point to it. Animation isnt even smooth and the art lacks very much potential.

It was really bad, however...

I can actually say that I have seen worse!

Thought: Have you ever noticed, that people that don't submit anything to Newgrounds (including myself) are the MOST critical? I wonder why that is...

Maybe it's just because we are rude, worthless bastards, that can only criticize others, and have no soul. I'm probably wrong though. It's happened before. Once or twice...