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Deadly Space Action #3

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Episode 3: "Extreme Savings" -- LeMarion and Orton's plans to interview potential hire Bestus Crashboom become dicey when they find out he is being held captive on a planet of total dorks.

(note: "Play Again" button got screwed up again somehow, hopefully it'll be fixed by the time you read this.)

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This is Great!

This is Awesome! It has an interesting Story, Great Artwork, Cool Settings, and funny writing and characters. It's very different from most cartoons out there. Also like it because it's alot different from High Score and Bonus Stage. The Only thing i dislike is that it's kind of short and goes by pretty fast. But other than that i like it alot! Can't wait untill the next one comes out!

Really fun, but...

...there's one thing I HATE about it. Play buton,or rather it's lack. Man, why you thought that don't having a preloader and a play button is a good idea??! I mean, I opened a thousand of flash movies on NG in a different tabs, and it started playing.... Imagine, how long did it take to find a correct tab... And because of that, I give it 8 instead of 10. Very good piece of animation, therwise, good job!


i like this but not my fav but im givin that a 9

Quirky fun

Really nice work you've crafted. The animation was quite smooth and the art was really well done; it reminded me of something I'd see on TV. I rather enjoyed the presentation; from the intro to the opening panning and location listing, it all felt well put together. Pretty funny stuff in the actual episode content. Overall I couldn't really think of any complaints, other than it was a little short, but, extending the length may have thrown off the pacing.

Nice work, I look forward to the next episode! Keep up the good work!


thats dudes as evil as I wish I were, lol.

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4.27 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2010
12:40 PM EST