Reviews for "Deadly Space Action #3"

That was really funny.

The comedy is getting better. You have some good concepts in here, but the episodes are just too short, and it seems like there is a long story creeping up here.

Maybe you should wait until you have one with a full story arc? Idk. Good though.

"and it has a sword"

lol great job as always matt

+4 review strength

ok, a LOOOONG time ago, I used to do this role play thing with the dice. It only lasted like a year, but that was it. I have a soft spot for these things (watch Gamers: Dorkness rising. yes it's a low budget movie BUT AMAZING!) So because I like these silly renditions, I give you an 8. Good day sir.

Bit lesser

I think this was one of the weakest entries in this series, but it still had some things to check out. It was really cool to see a guy watching one of your cartoons in the background. I guess you might never put the rest of the "Bonus Stage" cartoons online? The biggest strength of this submission is how good the animation is. For something of a comedic nature, you really worked on voice work and detail. This was fun to see if only because it mentioned someone getting a job from a resume.

Well.... yeah get to it!!!

I was confuse about the box, but i just realize i did not see the last 2 webisode. so........ i was lost for a moment in the blam jokes but at least you try. Anyway i give you a 10 for animation, 10 in great characters, 1 in plot of story , 10 in music, sound effects, and voice overs. From a scale from 3-5 in story maybe an 8 if i saw webisode 1 and 2. i could not do it better myself so don't feel bad.........yeah?!