Reviews for "Deadly Space Action #3"


Hah I already love the series! :D It has that... Pro feel... Like cartoons you see on tv...
Seriously, keep on making these! You're doing a great job :D


Well that was very random :D

Can be.

It's just a can be, it's not bad but also not great. And it's not the animation that i don't like but the characters and script. Personally i think that if you want to stick with the random hummor thing, than you should go back to your previous project "Complex" because it was a lot better than this.


This is a funny series, it's good to see you're getting back to work, I love you're look and comedy and this is far above and byond most new grounds standerds, i realy hope this series takes off and goes places which woulden't surprise me at all. Scrabuince!/10 P.S funny to see complex in this to.

Very Good

I'm impressed. The animation was very good, and the joke timing was right on.