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Brain Waves by the Robs

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Perception 5 Points

90% or more in perception

Reactions 5 Points

87% or more in reactions

Coordination 10 Points

85% or above in coordination

Memory 10 Points

90% or more in memory

Speed 10 Points

92% or more in speed

Accuracy 25 Points

85% or above in accuracy test

Multitask 50 Points

90% or more in multitasking

The Mega Brain 50 Points

Average of 90% or more across all 7 games

Author Comments

Take on the 7 skill/ brain tests to get an overall score, tests are based on speed, reactions, perception, coordination, memory and accuracy.

Based on the resullts so far anything over 70% is good, 80% is great and 90% is totally awesome.

Note: To get the Mega Brain medal you must get a 90% or higher average score in the normal mode of the game. A 90% average or higher playing 'single events' will not get you the medal. This makes it more of a challenge! You have to get 90% or more in one go.

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Really neat! The only issue is that the limitations of hardware, such as lacking or scroll speed, can adversely effect your score. Plus, the accuracy game seems to be malfunctioning somehow, as most clicks, however near the center they are, are rarely ever above 'good' or 'okay'

No need to make it easier, it's supposed to be challenging. I'm not a very fast typer but I still managed to get 93% in speed after just a few tries, so.. I think it's great. Good game.

Of course you can cheat this, but if you play fair its really good test.

This game has some pretty serious faults although the overall idea is a good one.

"Accuracy" is extremely browser-dependent. It was extremely easy to get Perfects in Chrome, nearly impossible in Firefox for example. Browser-test rather than skill test.

"Reactions" is essentially a hardware-test rather than a skill test as well. Have much lag? You will do badly on "reactions". Have little lag? You will do amazingly.

"Perception" again, is mostly a hardware-test although this time in reverse. Have lots of lag? This will be extremely easy. Have no lag at all? This will be harder.

So where this game fails is it tries to be a smarts-testing game when in reality it is mostly a hardware-test.

This is a pretty solid game. It has a simplistic concept for each mini game, but perfecting them in execution is hard. This game could either make you feel very smart or very dumb depending on which mini games are your strengths and weaknesses. I had the hardest time doing a good job with the multitask one. I have never been great at doing more than a few things at one time, especially if it takes a lot of concentration.

Still, I would have liked to see a larger variety of mini games in this game to test different areas and to stimulate your brain more. Perhaps even having a difficulty setting that progressively gets harder the better you get with each challenge. That way it will feel like you are improving at a more natural pace. Regardless of how hard some of these games are, I still think this was a great idea for a game, nonetheless. It could use more work in other areas, but I give it props for the areas it excels in. It very much reminds me of Brain Age for the Nintendo DS actually and I thought that game was solid. Love to see more games like this in the future because it's great playing games that make you feel like you are working your brain and having fun at the same time.