Reviews for "Brain Waves by the Robs"

Interesting yet hard game

Didn't think i would find anything decent today in the portal but then i came across your entry, And i was amazed at all that you can do in a flash but you have brought that and more to the table, So thank you for making my day on this game submission. Alright this was actually a kind hard game, i love the ideas and the concept but was just plain hard, the "MUSIC" was great and all and actually was pretty perfect i thought the game was pretty straight forward, but again was kinda hard to get that percentage of score, maybe it could be easier somehow. A good entry that I still will have to go back and check out all at once just so I really understand what's going on. Keep up the submitting and work on these. It'll be something real special with more extras but you have something decent.

Not going to jump down your throat about this or that as some might do, but there are some adjustments you could work in here, And wouldnt be that hard or time consumming, So here are some of those ideas and options to think about. Maybe some easy medal options or even an easy mode. just a thought to make it easier for new commers.

It's a very cool concept. But the custom cursor moves so bloody slowly that it's a pain in the ass. If you either sped up the cursor or (preferably) disabled it, this would have been great.

my score was 74% =_= lol

80%! I suck at "Perceptions" but the rest is awesome and very well-made! I think I'm going to train my brain with playing more of this game. Good work! ;)

GOOD game but hard as hell.
you could have put ACCURACY A LITTLE BIT EASIER!