Reviews for "Brain Waves by the Robs"


I don't think it's possible to describe this in any way. The background is quite hallucinating or so, the performances are challenging, and there's quite nothing to race for when you've got the relaxing background music.
All in all, all of my appreciation goes into this game. best of luck in your future!
(By the way, i've got 86%)

interesting and challenging

all medals seem to work for me

Nice game!

Was amped to get 100% on perception :D, the key is to not follow the light, but stare at the center of the board, that was it ends up in your perfiral (spelling :/) vision, making it easier for your brain to remember. got an average of 83%. The speed test let me down (63%) was playing in pitch dark :P

100th review!

80% :) Silver medal

good brain game!

i couldn't unlock all medals coordination was a pain in the a$$