Reviews for "Brain Waves by the Robs"

Great Game.

I love these brain testing puzzles. They're usually interesting and give you a challenge to achieve, much like this game. Got 82%, but if it wasn't for accuracy and coordination, probably >90 XD.

great game but..

some of these tests are so stupid. like the coordination one? i mean comon that has nothing to do with coordination thats just practice until i can get the directon switches down. and the accuracy one was stupid.....


ye ye this is my tipe of game 10/10 5/5

There are alot of people that say:

They took a few days to get all the medals...
i took one hour :)

Does that mean im blessed or smart or a natural or anything??

But this was a REALLY cool game , only thing i had a problem with was Accuracy , as everyone did , thats why you made it 85% instead of 90% wich you do with most medals.
Alot of people also say reaction was hard , no problem here , but it really does come down on how good you are with the mouse
the Coördination was a PAIN in the ASS.
i mean DAMN , i hated that.
btw if people want to know :)

Reaction : 99%
Multitask : 98%
Perception : 99%
Speed :94%
Accuracy : 87%
Memory : 95%

Average : 95%
AND HAHAHA , when you count all of these together you get 666 xD
(Blessed in the wrong way , huh?)

Fun and a Challenge!

Great work on this! Control over the Quality would have helped with the computer i am using since it lagged a bit and sometimes wouldn't respond. but other than that this game is fantastic! First run 85%!