Reviews for "Brain Waves by the Robs"

Great brainteaser!:)

Speed: 90%
acc: 88%
perc: 100%
reactions: 92%
multitask: 97%
memory: 100%
coordination: 97%

Not sure if it's good but game is amazing in music and graphics, no glitches, no lag
I want more of this :)


Quite the brain teaser.
I found the graphics and programming beautiful.
No issues with lag whatsoever on my end.
It always leaves me feeling weak-minded and inadequate.
Aha, shit I only have two medals from this game to date!
I'm not complaining, but hey, I'm sure that would make anyone feeling slightly aggravated towards it, or maybe even destroy they're self-esteem just a bit. (you know, negative thoughts about themselves and their intelligence, skill, etc.) Honestly, I get a little red faced myself everytime I try to play. But I do like to challenge myself so, I continue. Maybe the percentage numbers are too high? Eh, I don't know. Blah blah blah. Ha, I probably sound like i'm whining, sorry.
Thank's Rob's!

Sickening but cool

Great game, it´s hard, cool and funny sometimes. You look like a crazy trying to get more than 90% in the minigames.
The bad thing of the game is it has few minigames that are annoying sometimes and later are mawking. But it doesn´t affects the fun in playing the game.
7/10 3/5

Fun and a Challenge!

Great work on this! Control over the Quality would have helped with the computer i am using since it lagged a bit and sometimes wouldn't respond. but other than that this game is fantastic! First run 85%!

awesome game

commanderCooler how do you get betweem 92%and 100% for perception?