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Ledge: The Spirit Stone

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This is kinda my tribute to the Ledgend of Zelda series, one of the greatest game franchises ever. I wanted to recreate the adventurous vibe of a Zelda game and try to apply it to Flash. Move with the arrow keys and use A for actions, S for attacks, and Q/W/E to switch your weapons. Let me know what you guys think!

The bug where you would pick up 2 items at once should be fixed, let me know if you find any other major bugs!

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kind of fun, decent zelda feel. I found a glitch (game became unresponsive) while switching weapons while opening a door right after picking up the projectile weapon.character design could use a little more love. A good experience overall.

is good because

awesome game, but what happens when i collect all 100 energy bubbles?


Great job mate! I had no idea Ledge was ready to go... you should have told me!

as i was playing i was thinking, "Michael should incorporate the 'Simon Says' gameplay seen in God Of War to his flash games"

Lo and behold, the boss battle was a fun testament to that. I think Ledge will make its way into the hearts of Flash Gamers if you fine tune and perfect the addition of the "simon says" mini game... you can even incorporate Mouse Mazes to correlate to a sweet boss kill annihilation animation...


Your engine works great, so you wouldn't even have to code too much to expand on this, just make more content.