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Reviews for "Ledge: The Spirit Stone"

Fairy Wand

the fairy wand shoots out sperm lmfao!

Wow, fun!!

The story was interesting and the game play was fun (not to mention a little addicting)! Amidst all puzzles in this game, it made me smile to see how you left a clue that helps defeat the boss! I greatly enjoyed this game and I hope you'll make more of it in the future!

To add the fun, please include medals if you are going ot make a sequel. ;)

Great, has potential!

The game in itself is a really great idea. I can imagine it making frontpage in no time flat, but its short, the graphics are sup-par (in my opinion, but that's speaking for myself), and the boss was a pain in the neck. I personally found him kinda hard to kill, especially when he turned blue and I had to get up close to hurt him, but he kept spamming that volcano floor. I didn't win until I had a stroke of luck and he didn't use the volcano floor for a while. Lower the boss' difficulty a little? Otherwise great game.


I spent 15 minutes on this and I don't regret one second. You should totally make another!

Pretty good

I liked the story, the art was good & the controls were fine. The only real problems I had was that it was really short & REALLY easy. I beat it all in about 10 minutes.