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Reviews for "Ledge: The Spirit Stone"


The bestthing is in this game that everything is so simple yet played out with class and style, nice design and style, smooth animation, good presentation, great story, it's not original since there are resemblences to other fantasy-fairytale type games but that's not a problem the resemblance gives a confrtable familiar feeling, nice gameplay, and the music is really great by itself but it also good for the game, the only nitpich I could bring up is the Lifestone explanation is a bit fast, I can't read the long texts that fast, but doesn't really matter.

I give a 10.


it was short and easy but ok i guess.
keep up the good work.

worth a 5 for effort

I don't get how is this fun?! This is very boring!! I know you can do better than this but keep it up, heres a 5

Fantastic Atmosphere.

You know one thing zelda was good at, was making that mystical drawn in soaking you in fantasy atmosphere. And you have done a very good at doing that mainly through audio and art visualization.

The mechanics of the game feel alright, they feel fluid.

It does get repetitive. It does get old.

Take what you have here and expand on it. This could be the next great series on newgrounds.

some problems

I couldn't see exactly what was in front of me, sometimes it looked as though using the dagger would get a hit because the character is right in front of the monster but it misses, this needs to be clearer to improve gameplay.