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Liferaft: Zero

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This is a game idea we worked on awhile ago, but decided to return to it in a different way. It's a kind of prequel, but released before the original was finished. Basically, the original Liferaft is a huge idea, set into 3 episodes in fact. So to try and make a go of it, we made this little stage-based game about the history that lead up to when Liferaft takes place.

It's pretty challenging, we hope you guys dig it.

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I don't know what's being asked of me after level 21, maybe the developer knows an intuitive way of making it work, but I don't

After 100 attempts to get the candy on trial 9, i voted this game a zero.

It is impossible to reach that candy.

And the spike? Was unnecessary because it's impossible even without it.

I wish I could love this game but the "S" button being BOTH jump and grapple caused me to fall to spike death 33 times exactly before I just quit in annoyance. (thanks for the counter) Every other game in the 50 year history of gaming (maybe not, I didn't actually check) has separate buttons for jump and action/attack, especially "Bionic Commando" (NES 1988) which had the same idea as this game (but with a gun (but without jumping) so I guess the point is moot) which I DID finish (without the game genie) So, I really don't get why they are the same button in this game. Other than that it was great!

"FĂ´cking spikes !!"

This game is really super-hard (and the bonus levels are totaly ignobles) , but I've done it...I was affraid to reach #999 :D

Very impressive!

Love the graphics, the controls, and the challenge -- even if it was layers upon layers of frustrating, it was a good kind. Haven't finished it yet, but I'm close to the end. Unfortunately, I have to take a break because the game is lagging, and it makes a game this hardcore way too difficult to play.

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2010
3:10 PM EDT