Reviews for "Liferaft: Zero"


fix the whole pressing up while swinging to go higher thing cause half the time it doesn't work. good game but that one bug fucks me up in the last 3 stages.

Yes, fun and addicting with a catch

I loved it and had fun, but like what it seems like what happens for me in most of these games is that i get to a certain point and it becomes IMPOSSIBLE! Most arcade games and every console and computer game i can usually beat fairly easily at the hardest difficulties but you make it to hard at one point and i am no longer having fun. I shouldnt have to go look up game walkthroughs or spend a WHOLE hour on one part.

This is fun and addicting.

There was, of course, a few times where I was frustrated because I kept on dying.. But I enjoyed this a lot. I play it at least once a day, I find it that fun. The levels are great I find, and the unlimited lives just make it less stressful.

I <3 this!

I don't see why people are rating this so low. It is extremely well done and a lot of fun to play! I love all the little details and the overall style as well as the gameplay. However, it would be nice to see some medals for it!
Keep up the good work.

Oh goodie

Another portal rip-off, yippee...
-Female(s) running through a science test course while being monitored with an incentive.
The idea is pretty lame and over used.

Game play is half decent. If one ignores the candy, it is extremely easy. I ran the whole thing in about 5 minutes. Even the candies aren't too hard to get. Just patience really. And my patience really got tried because of a glitch.

The glitch I encountered was in wall jumping. Occasionally, my character would not wall jump when I wanted her to and chose falling instead. Irritating when she falls onto spikes. Even more irritating after nabbing the candy and on my way to the bell when she decides she doesn't want to wall jump.

Grappling hook was a neat mechanic. Got my swing going, definitely give you credit for that.

Ending sucked. Because? There was no ending. You beat the game and it sends you back to the title screen. Kinda pissed me off after I went and picked up every candy. (I wouldn't finish a level unless I had the candy.) Maybe there's a real ending after you complete all the bonus stages. However, I was so frustrated and disappointed at the end, I washed my hands of it.

Hey, it was a great practice. Maybe your next few will be better. I really hope they are and that you take this criticism to heart.