Reviews for "Liferaft: Zero"

I <3 this!

I don't see why people are rating this so low. It is extremely well done and a lot of fun to play! I love all the little details and the overall style as well as the gameplay. However, it would be nice to see some medals for it!
Keep up the good work.

This is fun and addicting.

There was, of course, a few times where I was frustrated because I kept on dying.. But I enjoyed this a lot. I play it at least once a day, I find it that fun. The levels are great I find, and the unlimited lives just make it less stressful.


Gameplay and graphics are both great, and there's also not much lag, or any glitches that I've found. Another thing I loved was how it would actually count your deaths and put a clone with a different color every life. Overall, this is definitely a 10/10.

Nice pixelgob, my friend.

Sometimes i thought i was a god, but some moments make me cry or talk trash.
And all that was just sweet :D

So, keep it on making such awesome games ;)


HAHA! i did it!!! :D, some levels were mean