Reviews for "Liferaft: Zero"


You designed several levels to be next to, if not, impossible to beat.

Excellent Game

I loved this game. The controls were great. Maybe a little frustrating or tricky, but who wants to play an adventure-ist game that has no challenge? I loved the system of how,, if ou die, you get a new coloured girl. I also loved the little window that showed what colour was going to come next. I frequently killed myself to get different colours so I could keep myself from being bored with the one colour.

The grappling hook was a little tricky, but the fact that you outlined the area it could be activated was lovely.
Overall, a fantastic game and I expect to see more wonderful works in the future.

Love it

I love this game, but for a keyboard the combination of buttons you need to press to get to some of the candies with grapple hook is just stupid.


HAHA! i did it!!! :D, some levels were mean


not bad @ all, but for me its almost unplayable. its fast as hell