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Wrath of Anubis 2

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Secret Area 1 5 Points

Find Secret Area 1

Secret Area 2 10 Points

Find Secret Area 2

Game Complete 50 Points

Beat Levels 1-13

Coin Collector 100 Points

Get 100% coins (Levels 1-13)

Collect all Idols 100 Points

There are 41 idols in the game, you need 39 to unlock this medal

Speed Run 100 Points

Beat the game with a time under 15:00 (Levels 1-13)

Author Comments

** V2.06 fixes control lag issues. Also go play my other games because they'll be fixed too

UP- enter door
DOWN- crouch/activate item

M- toggle music
R- restart level
ESC- quit level


Also, I will probably adjust the speed run medal and add a "collect all idols" medal once I verify how many there are

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(Really? The last review was 6 years ago?)

This game is supposed to be hard and it is. End of story.

Controls are not perfect but can be mastered anyway, so don't use the oldest excuse for videogame lameness.

Music, graphics, setting etc. are all okay and good, and no glitches were found during gameplay (went for 100% completion but did only 40 of 41 idols).

As pointed below, hit detection is too unforgiving, and that adds a lot to an already hard difficulty. Not enough to compare with IWBTG though.

Overall, it's a great challenge for experienced players and not really recommended for casual/peasants.

This has WiiViewer written all over it!

Anubis 2 was WiiViewer 2nd worst game next to NinjaBread man, and 8-bit against the odds was his old theme song.

game doesnt load

says please wait till advertisement ends and it stays on 1 -,- got a very fast cpu tried this 5 times and im tired off it please fix it

Not as efficient as the pre-title!

This game has some major flaws and I will point them out now one by one:

While the soundtrack is very well chosen for this type of game,I'm not quite satisfied with the SFX of this game! This annoying sound of spinning chainsaws which occurs whenever you press 'R' to revive the character,and the scream which he makes when he dies are just plain annoying,too loud and going on people's nerves quickly! Seriously,I sometimes play this type of games in the middle of the night and this loud all-of-a-sudden AHHHH when he dies always wakes up my neighbours lol! I do not want to play games in mute mode so I need a bit background music but his scream always tops everything off! Chill it down a bit,we don't need ''authentic'' oh-my-god-I-so-fucking-died-and-now-I 'm-gonna-lament-like-hell-screams you know!? ôo

This game has criminal hit detection,and by ''criminal'' i mean that it's so malevolent that it should be locked ASAP like a loony toon conspiracy theorist and the key thrown wide wide away! When bouncing off from this purple undead,it is very difficult to perform a double-jump...for reasons unknown...

Overall the game difficulty is beyond compare as many people have already stated,but what's worse is the fact that ''your ass is hitting ice ground''! It's a german saying and it means that you're in such fiery need of ideas that you need a cool-down immediately! In the form of fresh new ideas would be best...

I think you recognized it on your own damn well that it's impossible to leech out anything from this game anymore without making the game impossible! Your main focus on this installment was obviously the sheer difficulty to make it almost impossible to beat! The user-created levels were worse than anything else,but also those older levels where you integrated some ''ghosts'' in it,were over-exceedingly annoying as you're almost done with the level and head to the life-saving exit...only to realize that a group of 4-6 ghosts comes directly towards you and you have nowhere to dodge!!! It was just a plain matter-of-luck thing rather than skill or timing or anything...

Overall I must say I'm rather disappointed,and that's sad considering the fact that the first installment was WAY better appreciated by the people among which I can count myself as well! I was really excited when I saw that the series continues,but now I will not look forward anymore to future installments! [If there will be any future Wrath of Anubis titles that is...]

3/5 and 6/10 because I could draw some fun out of the game!

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2010
9:17 AM EDT