Avoidance 4: Classic

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We split Avoidance 4 into two parts because it was getting a little large. There's this part, which is more of a mini game, and the main part, which has yet to be released. Feel free to make suggestions, you control with the mouse only, and you can change the music using the interface in the bottom right. Thanks for playing.

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xtreamly good
but a replay lag makes it lose a pint

not bad

Enjoyable Game but no New Elements

I enjoy these type of avoidance games but the bar has been set very high with games such as Geometry Wars and others where there are numerous elements. I really like the backgrounds and was happy to see that there were music options as well as a mute switch; however, it was difficult to turn off the music due to the cursor.

Since you foundation is well established, I have a few suggestions to improve.
1. Some kind of instructions would be useful for players who are new the genre. Also, an explanation of the point bubbles and the direction of different colored bubbles would be appreciated.
2. "Powerups" and "powerdowns" such as an item that would speed up or slow down the bubbles. Perhaps even five second invisibility? Just some things to spice it up.
3. Ability to shoot the orbs to some limited extent.
4. Pause button!
5. Increase the difficulty in the earlier stages. It was far too easy initially and I almost stopped playing.

Keep at it and implement some of these suggestions and Avoidance 5 will be even greater!

TheSongSalad responds:

Thanks for the review man.

Avoidance Game!!Whoo

MAn, I simply love games like this one, they're simply awesome, I like to avoid those things, its a very funny thing to do. Also, the songs are simply great, it sounded great to the game's concept, I loved the 3 songs, and the best thing is the mute button, for when you're listening your fav. song and you wanna play the game while you're listening it.

The background was very cool, too, I liked the points running in the back, it's simply a great add. The colors added a lot to the final result, it's a very fun game to play, the balls and the squares with different colors, nice songs, and a very cool background keep the player entertained to the game, that's why I liked it, man, it's super cool.

I'm giving you a nine because I found a bug, when I lost the game, it simply paused, I hitted the menu button millions of times and it's simply stuck, so, the game's still not perfect, sorry. But you have a great potential, man, I like your job, keep it up.

(Review Request Club)

TheSongSalad responds:

Hmmm. thanks for mentioning the bug man, I'd have to take a look to see what that was from, but thanks for the review man.

Good game

A pretty nice approach on the genre of "avoidance" games. I like the different "bubbles" we have to avoid. The green ones flying across the screen from left to right, the red ones move from top to bottom and then we have other "bubbles" that stay on the screen and move around.

It gets very challenging, but it gets a bit easier because you chose different colours for different moving bubbles.

The musical selection is good as well and it's nice that we can chose from 4 options (off, and three songs) so everyone should find an option that suits him.

A few introductions would've been nice, though. Maybe a small menue where you explain the movements of the different bubbles as well as the bonus bubbles we may encounter while we are playing (for example I once hit a golden bubble and my score was reset to 0... >_> ).

{ Review Request Club }

TheSongSalad responds:

Thanks for the suggestions and review man.

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3.91 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2010
4:28 PM EDT
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