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Author Comments

Did this last year, forgot to upload it xD

Probably some of u would be wondering why the song is called Sibm, and I'll let you guess why xD
Only those who know a bit of music may know the answer :P

Some might find the end a bit repetitive, but I think its ok anyways :3

Enjoy ^^

(btw, probably the genre is not techno cuz of the beat, its just that I didn't know which one to put ¬_¬)

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Wow ! It's been 4 year I relistened to this song and it's still one of the best that beat the hell out of many modern techno songs nowadays. I'd love to if you or other musician make a mastering or remix of this song so many people can enjoy. Expect the best from you.

Drawoh responds:

It has been an eternity for me too, I haven't been able to make anything new because of work. But someday I'll be back with new stuff and I could probably even remake this one :)

Hadn't got around to a review.

I just wanted to let you know I thought this has been one of the best songs on newgrounds since I heard it first. We actually used it in out game, and I have it on my ipod too :).

As for the actual critique of the piece, I love how you kept a pretty consistent beat throughout. Someone could really move to the song throughout the entirety of it; which is something I think a lot of music does poorly during transitions. I also loved how you managed to keep the song sounding fresh without digressing too far from the original beat. The finish was also quite well done.

If there's any criticism I could give the song, it would be that the beginning seems a bit generic. There's nothing that really forces you to listen until about 1:30.

Overall a fantastic song man. I love how casual this song was uploaded too. It makes me think your other stuff is going to be even better. Good luck man.

Drawoh responds:

Thank u very much for the review
and good luck to your future projects as well :)


can i have the download link to this cause i gotta have on my psp

Drawoh responds:

well, I don't know much about the psp cuz I don't have one, but the download button is just underneath the play button. :)


I had to review the flash game which uses this song since it was requested in a club I'm in, the Review Request Club, and in it there's a choice of 3 songs. This one beats each one of them by far and I always keep it playing while I'm playing the game. It's actually quite unique for a techno song, especially the beat, and choice of synths. Excellent job on this, you really seem to know your way around your DAW, especially if this was made a year before you uploaded it :P. Also, what does Sibm mean? Does it have to do with B Minor (bm)? xD.

The melodies are great. Loved all of the new melodies that came in, which all built on the first melody that plays at the beginning (even that was catchy). I would've liked to see a bit more changes in the chord progression, but still, the chord progression you used wasn't generic and sounded great. Loved the small break at 2:54, and the great melody that followed it. I think one of the few things I would've wished to see more of would be solos. You had some really awesome sections in the song, yet there were rarely any parts where the song goes a bit quiet and some synth plays an epic solo before continuing with the song. Still, I'm a fan of solos, so that's probably my bias :3.

The synths were also amazing. None of them were unoriginal or cheesy. I mean really, I expected some cheesy dance/techno saw lead to take over and make me go 'Oh alright, this is just like the other cheesy songs...', but all of the new synths were interesting and fit with each other very week. While I would welcome a few more pads, I'm not that much of an expert at techno as much as I am at Orchestral and Trance, so maybe pads won't work. Basically, all of the synths were chosen really well. I really like the Video-Game-like feel that the sounds you used give out. Nice job!

The transitions were all pristine and I can't seem to point out any transitions which sound weird. At first I thought the transition to the small break at 2:54 was way too abrupt, but when the song kept on playing, I was impressed so it doesn't matter. New synths were all introduced well, and I also liked the fact that throughout the song you had a lot of sections where you introduce a new synth every few bars, building up to some fantastic climaxes. Transitions/buildups were superb.

Structure was very cool, and I enjoyed every new section you threw in. However, as you said, the variety could use a bit of work, but strangely, even though I really hate it when songs repeat a lot, this song didn't end up that repetitive, to be honest. Probably because it's so awesome. The intro was an excellent way to start the song, although I think the ending could be a bit better. In my opinion, you should go to 4:58 where there's the last note with the heavy plucked saw, and add a crash cymbal right where it plays. Then, fade out whatever plays after it. If you don't get what I mean but want to get what I mean, send me a PM :P.

The drums are probably some of the most original and unique drum styles I've ever heard in a techno song. Hell, the drums had a hip-hop style to them, with snaps, hi-hats and a hip-hop beat, yet they fit so darn well with the song. I mean wow, I expected a song like this to have techno drums, but I was so wrong. The beat sounded excellent, and while at times it got a bit too drowned out by the synths and was a little hard to hear, and at other times it got a slight bit repetitive, I still think the drums are near-perfect. Good job on the drums!

In conclusion, overall I really like this song. Trust me when I tell you that I'm no fan at all of Techno songs, since I prefer Orchestral or Trailerscore much much more, so getting me to download a techno song these days is a feat that only a very small amount of talented Techno artists have done, and you're one of them :D. Keep up the amazing work, I hope to see (hear) more excellent songs like this from you!

-Review Request Club-

Hey if you don't mind, can you maybe review my song Racing Through Eternity? :3.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/322854

Drawoh responds:

wow O.o
Awesome review!!

I gotta say, you sure do know how to review a song with all that wisdom on your side :P
I'd like every review to be like this one, expressing everything they feel and hear about the song.

Thank u very much for just stopping by and taking your time to write a review.

( and yeah, its B minor, didn't know how to name the song at the moment :D )

Probably my fav song!!!

I love this song!! Its probably my favorite song ever!! i have listened to it a grand total of 25 times on iTunes and it does not get old and i dont think it ever will!!!

Drawoh responds:

thank u :D
glad u like it so much :)

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4.91 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2009
6:15 PM EST
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5.8 MB
5 min 4 sec

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