COD: Random Warfare

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Call of Duty parody by the 'Masters of Unlocking'

Official Credits:

Concept- KeithSandwich (and JonSandwich sort of)
Story/Script- KeithSandwich


JonSandwich- Himself
Stinger-Missile- English gentleman in private study
KeithSandwich- Everyone else

Stinger-Missile was not in the movie's credits due to the fact that his character was a very late addition to the script and the ending sequence was already finished prior to that. Please check out his profile to find links to his Voice Acting Resume since he is more than happy to lend his voice for upcoming projects. I am always willing to do some fun voice work as well, so send me a PM if you have movie you would like me to do a voice for (preferably comedies but I'm open to pretty much anything).

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i liked it!

my favorite part is the nazi stormtroopers and the russian theme song :D

KeithSandwich responds:

Thank you, the Russian National Anthem was my favorite part to make.

Nice work

Your right about hearing the same crap over and over again when trying to finish it on veteran. It did get a little repetitive in the comedy nearing the end but still was amusing. I was surprised that you did not even mention the part on "Contingency" when you start the timed sequence, I'm pretty sure that created "This is @#$%ing gay" moments than anything else in the game. I wonder how many people got the reference to the sub-par 3rd person co-op shooter ;)

KeithSandwich responds:

Was that the part in the White House? I did not have enough time to properly parody all of the faggotry that the Call of Duty games exhibit.... I'd still be working on it in that case.

I h8 Call of duty

I h8 call of duty. Enough said. Too much talking about something thatisn't new or interesting. Just firing stuff and getting the screen covered in gross blood. The graphics aren't worth speaking about. People actually wait outside shops at midnight to get this rip off for $60 or whatever it costs?

KeithSandwich responds:

I'm not really sure if that was a review so...... thanks?

I want my five minutes back

Well sure you warned me: but this is pretty random. But please save us and yourself the time and don't make a part 2.

KeithSandwich responds:

I tried to watch your movies but I couldn't find them.


now this IS random warfare.

KeithSandwich responds:

Just like in real life!

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4.06 / 5.00

May 25, 2010
11:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody